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Tourist visas and procedures

We receive emails with questions about visa concerns on a weekly basis. Any confusion is understandable, as Yemeni visa regulations
have been changed several times since 2010.

If you have been told that it is impossible to obtain a tourist visa to Yemen these days, you have been misinformed:  Yemen remains
open – if on a somewhat limited basis – for tourism. In order to clear up any confusion, please read the following guidelines closely.
Everything you need to know about Yemeni tourist visas (facts and procedures)

Before you travel to Yemen, you should take the following into account:

- Since 2010, it’s no longer possible to get a tourist visa on arrival at Sana’a International Airport.

- Since 2011, you can only get tourist visas at Yemeni embassies abroad on rare occasions.

- We at Yemen Explorer  will apply for your tourist visa directly at the Passport Authority in Sana’a. It takes 5-7 days for the process
to be completed. In urgent cases, we can get the visa completed in 2-3 days’ time. We charge extra for this expedited service.

- We don’t perform ‘visa-only’ services. We provide great tours, not simply visas!

- If your intention is to study Arabic in Yemen, you must obtain the visa from the language institute which you plan to attend.

- To obtain your visa, we require a scan/copy of your passport and from your flight information, your inbound and outbound flight
numbers and dates/times. We also need to know which tour you would like to purchase and how long you intend to stay in Yemen.


- It is not permissible for you to stay on longer in Yemen following the conclusion of your tour.

- Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned trip and have no stamps or indications of a past visit to Israel.

- If your visa application is rejected by Yemeni authorities, we will not ask you for a payment for the visa.

- When your visa is granted (again, it takes 5-7 days to process), you may then finalize your flight payment.

- We will email you an official document, which you will you need to print out and present in order to board a plane to Yemen.

- Our agent in Sana’a will have your original visa application and meet you at the airport upon your arrival to Sana’a.

- Procedures at Sana’a International Airport takes will only take a few minutes. From there, our driver and guide will take you to your hotel.

* Note:   While there is always the possibility, none of our tourists this year have been denied entrance into Yemen. Please follow all the
above guidelines and your visa/entry process should go smoothly.

* Cancellation policy: if you wish to cancel a trip after your visa has been issued OR within 3 days prior to your arrival in Sana’a, there will
be a 30% cancellation fee on the price of your tour and a USD $100 non-refundable charge to cover costs associated with your visa
application and hotel bookings.


Financial Matters

What about prices and payments?

Prices for tours and accommodation are available on request through contacting us using our contact form. Please state which tour package you have in mind, for how many days you plan to stay, and include your accommodation preferences (we can arrange stays at 2 to 5 star hotels – see our tours page for your options).

Our first order of business when arranging a tour is to get your visa issued. We then ask for an initial payment, which usually amounts to
50% of the total cost of your tour.

Upon your arrival in Sana’a, you will be asked to complete the full payment with our local agent. Please keep in mind that our listing prices are in US dollars (unless otherwise specified), which is the most widely-accepted foreign currency in Yemen. However, we are flexible with
our European customers and can also accept Euros when you are here in Sana’a.