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Traveling to Socotra

Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean. The largest island,  called Socotra, is about 95% of the landmass of the archipelago. It lies 240 kilometers (150 mi) east of the Horn of Africa and 380 kilometers (240 mi) south of the Arabian Peninsula.  A third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet, and has been described as the most alien-looking place on Earth.


To keep in mind

Travelers to Socotra should understand that Socotra is an eco-tourism area and fairly new to the international tourist market. Hotel accommodations in Socotra – though pleasant – may not be up to travelers’ international accommodation standards. In the past, our
tourists have found accommodations to be more than sufficient and in line with character of Socotra itself.


When to travel

Climate is an important consideration. Nature enthusiasts are encouraged to travel from early October to late April. The monsoon season falls from July until mid-August (during July in the island’s southeast and southwest, windsurfing can be arranged). Generally, wildlife and nature sightseeing will be most rewarding from the end of January through May.

We recommend you bring:

- Comfortable, light, casual clothing

- Sleeping bags

- Something warm to wear at night in winter and at high altitudes

-  Comfortable hiking boots with good grip, or sneakers

- Clothing and sun lotion to help shield you from tropical sunlight

- Personal toiletries and any medication you may need, including medicine to treat diarrhea

- A camera and extra batteries

- A flashlight with spare batteries

- A strap-on water bottle for day-long hikes

- A money belt for valuables (there’s no carry expensive jewelry, for example, to Socotra)

Health requirements

Malaria is not a risk in Socotra; though there are mosquitoes in some areas, malaria prophylactics are not recommended. Cholera is not a risk on the island. It is advised that you only drink bottled mineral water, which is readily available in Hadibo and Qalansiya. Consult your doctor and dentist or a travel health clinic for advice and preventive measures before traveling, as hospitals on the Island offer less than adequate services. Pharmacies are available in and around Hadibo.

Other helpful information

Time Zone:  GMT + 3 hours.

Power supply:  220v AC; plugs are generally two-pin and multiple plugs.

Languages:  Socotri is the local language.  Arabic is the official and formal language. English is spoken by individuals working in the
tourism industry.

Religion:  Islam

Telephone service:  Telephone are available for use in Hadibo :  country code (+967), followed by a one digit number for an access provider.(5) After the international and access codes, the number should be six digits long, including three initial digits for the geographical area (660)

The cheapest way to make international phone calls is to purchase a telephone card and call either from telephone booths or using a mobile phone. Telephone cards can be purchased at most shops in the city’scentral market. The GSM system is not operable on the island, only CDMA phone cards will work.

Internet:  Internet access is slow and expensive (costing about $6 per hour). Internet cafés can be found in the town of Hadibo.

Post office:  The post office is located in the center of Hadibo, in the Socotra Central Telecommunications building.

•Flights to Socotra Island

Socotra flights latest update (09/02/2013)

Book your flight with Felix Airways through Socotra Explorer Tours and Travel

Yemen Explorer Tours and Travel is an authorized Felix Airways travel agent. You can book your flights online, just email us at [email protected] and you will have your tickets within minutes. We are also able to book through Yemenia.

Sana’a-Socotra schedules:

Yemenia Airways: every Monday from Sana’a to Socotra and back

Departure Sana’a (GMT+3) Arrival Socotra (GMT+3)

10:00 SAH 12:45 SCT

Departure Socotra (GMT+3) Arrival Sana’a (GMT+3)

13:30 SCT 16:15 SAH

Felix Airways: every Saturday, Monday,Wednesday from Sana’a to Socotra and back
NOTE: Starting in April, the Monday flight is cancelled and the
Wednesday times will change slightly.


Departure Sana’a (GMT+3) Arrival Socotra (GMT+3)

07:00 SAH 09:25 SCT

Departure Socotra (GMT+3) Arrival Sana’a (GMT+3)

09:55 SCT 12:20 SAH

Monday (it is cancelled starting from April 2013)

Departure Sana’a (GMT+3) Arrival Socotra (GMT+3)

07:00 SAH 10:35 SCT

Departure Socotra (GMT+3) Arrival Sana’a (GMT+3)

10:55 SCT 14:40 SAH


Departure Sana’a (GMT+3) Arrival Socotra(GMT+3)

12:30 SAH (13:00 starting in April) 15:10 SCT (15:25 starting in April)

Departure Socotra (GMT+3) Arrival Sana’a (GMT+3)

15:35 SCT (15:55 starting in April) 18:00 SAH (18:20 starting in April)

Felix Airways also flies every Wednesday from Sharjah, UAE, to Socotra and every Saturday from Socotra to Sharjah.


Departure Sharjah (GMT+3) Arrival Socotra (GMT+3)

12:40 SAH (11:30 starting in April) 15:10 SCT (15:25 starting in April)

Departure Socotra (GMT+3) Arrival Sana’a (GMT+3)

09:55 SCT (15:55 starting in April) 14:50 SAH (18:20 starting in April)

Airline Prices:

Felix Airways – Sana’a-Socotra-Sana’a – $426

Yemenia Airways – Sana’a-Socotra-Sana'a – $300 or you can book thru online 

Sharjah-Socotra-Sharjah – $550-$670 (per booking time)

We can book you your flight tickets to Socotra and send you an electronic copy.